Subscribing to Smart Proxy Manager

To subscribe to Zyte Smart Proxy Manager please follow these steps.

Step 1

Signup or login to your Zyte account

Step 2

On the Zyte Dashboard, Under Tools, Select SmartProxy Manager in the left sidebar OR from the Smart Proxy Manager Accounts view.

Step 3

Select “I’d like to subscribe to Zyte Smart Proxy Manager”.

Step 4

Select the plan you would like to subscribe to. Currently, we have 4 plans, Starter, Basic, Advanced & Enterprise.

Step 5

Clicking on “Subscribe” would take you to the Checkout Page. Check if the correct plan is selected and “Proceed to Checkout”.

Step 6

Please enter the Billing details (Billing address and payment details) to set up the payment method.

Step 7

Your Smart Proxy Manager account will now be accessible from your organization home page,

Go to “Dashboard” → “Smart Proxy Manager” → “Setup” in the left sidebar. You will see instructions there on how to configure Smart Proxy Manager in your web crawler or HTTP client.


You can test your credentials using curl by replacing your “API key” below:


If you haven’t used curl before, download curl using this page and check out this tutorial.

curl -vkx -U <API key>:

You should be able to see your IP address as a response to this command. If you’re not able to get an expected response, check out Fetching HTTPS pages with Zyte Smart Proxy Manager.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully made your first request using Smart Proxy Manager. Check out more integration options.