Get started with Zyte API#

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Zyte API is an API that aims to solve all web data extraction needs.


Zyte API provides features that make it easy and cost-efficient to write resilient, ban-free web data extraction code:

But our vision goes far beyond!

First steps#

  1. Sign up for a Zyte API account and get $5 credit for free.

  2. Send your first request from your web browser.

  3. Complete the tutorial to learn the ropes.

Using the API#

See Zyte API usage for general API usage help.

Zyte API HTTP API covers the complete Zyte API specification.


Our vision for Zyte API is to create a single API to solve all your web data extraction needs.

In addition to improving our current features, we plan to extend Zyte API to support:

  • Cookie handling

  • Session management

  • Automatic data extraction

  • Automatic crawling

  • Delivery to popular cloud storage services

Stay tuned!