Zyte API pricing#

The cost of a Zyte API request depends on the target website and selected features. You get free credit on sign-up to try Zyte API and calculate costs.

We charge only for successful responses, and we provide volume discount.

All subscriptions get access to every feature except for the Smart Browser DevTools IDE, which is restricted to subscriptions on the Enterprise plan.

Request cost factors#

We aim to make using Zyte API cost-efficient for every request.

Instead of a flat fee per request that may force you to enable Zyte API only for specific requests, we adjust our prices based on how many resources we actually use for any given request. The fewer resources we need to get you a successful response, the less we charge.

To keep our pricing predictable while we do that, we use the following factors to determine the cost of a request:

  • For each website we have a website-specific price for raw requests and a website-specific price for browser-based requests.

    Website-specific prices may decrease or increase over time, as we find ways to get cheaper access to websites or websites make changes that impact our access costs. However, website-specific prices cannot change more than once a month, and you get a 2-week notice before every website-specific price change.

    You can usually perform raw requests at a much lower price than browser-based requests. However, for websites where avoiding bans requires similar resources in both cases, prices can be similar.

    There are edge cases of websites where raw requests can be more costly than browser-based requests. This is because, on some websites, raw requests are often used to perform more costly operations than browser-based requests, such as downloading PDF files. Instead of adding an extra pricing variable like network usage or response size, making it harder for you to predict costs, we adjust website-specific prices accordingly.

  • When using browser-based requests, taking screenshots and using browser actions increases costs.

    Screenshots have a fixed cost of $0.002 before volume discount.

    Browser actions are charged based on their actual CPU and network consumption.

To find out how much your requests would cost, use your initial free credit to calculate costs for your specific target websites and features.

Initial free credit#

When you sign up for a Zyte API subscription, you get $5 free credit to spend during your first billing month. You can use it to try Zyte API and calculate costs for your use case.

After you spend your initial free credit or your first billing month ends, you are not charged anything. Instead, your Zyte API subscription is suspended. To resume using Zyte API, you first need to enable Zyte API billing by setting a spending limit.

Calculating costs#

To determine the cost of Zyte API requests for your specific target websites and features, it is best to send test requests, inspect their cost, and extrapolate from that.

On sign-up you get free credit that you can use to send requests for free.

You can send test requests any of the following ways:

In the Request Summary page you can see how much 1, 1k, 100k, or 1M identical requests would cost, as well as a cost breakdown that details which features are affecting your request cost, and how much.

You can alternatively open the Usage Stats page, which on the Table tab shows your latest Zyte API requests, and indicates the total cost of each request under the Cost column.

Costs displayed on the Usage Stats page and on the Request Summary page include the volume discount of the billing month when the corresponding request was processed. If you plan on changing your spending limit, and hence your volume discount, you should take that volume discount change into account when calculating costs.

Browser actions are priced based on actual consumption during request processing, so their cost can vary even for the same request. When calculating the cost of requests that use browser actions, sending a few requests to different, typical URLs of a target website is recommended to get a better picture of the average cost of similar requests, and of the cost variability.

Successful responses#

You are only charged for successful Zyte API responses. You are not charged for rate-limiting or unsuccessful Zyte API responses.

Spending limit#

Your Zyte API spending limit is the maximum amount that you can be charged for Zyte API usage during a billing month. Once you reach your spending limit, Zyte API stops accepting requests from you until your next billing month starts, or until you increase your spending limit.

You can see your spending limit on the Billing page.

Your spending limit determines your monthly commitment and your volume discount.

When your initial free credit runs out or expires, your spending limit is unset, and Zyte API stops accepting requests from you. To resume Zyte API usage, set your spending limit. You can also set your spending limit before your initial free credit runs out or expires, to ensure uninterrupted service.

You can change your spending limit at any time. However, if you need to increase your spending limit beyond double the value it had at the beginning of your current billing month, you must contact support.

For example, if you started your current billing month with a spending limit of $50, you can increase it up to $100. To increase it further, you must either contact support or wait until your next billing month, when you can increase it again, this time up to $200.

When you increase your spending limit:

  • Your spending limit changes immediately.

    If you were not able to use Zyte API because you had reached your previous spending limit, you can immediately resume Zyte API usage.

  • Your new monthly commitment and volume discount are applied starting on your next billing month.

When you decrease your spending limit, your new spending limit, monthly commitment, and volume discount are all applied starting on your next billing month.

Monthly commitment#

Your Zyte API monthly commitment is an amount that you pay upfront at the beginning of every billing month. When the next billing month starts, if your Zyte API spending was higher than your monthly commitment, you pay the difference.

For example, if your monthly commitment is $25, you pay $25 at the beginning of every billing month. If during a billing month you spend $40, at the start of the next billing month you pay $15 for additional usage from the previous billing month. If during a billing month you spend $20, at the start of the next billing month you do not pay for additional usage, but you do not get $5 back either.

You can set a spending limit of up to $25 without a monthly commitment. For higher spending limits, however, you must agree to a monthly commitment equal to half your spending limit. For example, to set a spending limit of $26, you must agree to a monthly commitment of $13.

Volume discount#

Based on your spending limit, we automatically grant you a discount on every Zyte API request: your Zyte API volume discount. The higher your spending limit, the higher your volume discount.

You can use the spending limit slider on the Billing page to find out the volume discount applied for different spending limit values.

Enterprise plan#

On sign-up, you join the Zyte API Standard plan, which grants access to most features.

However, access to the Smart Browser DevTools IDE, which enables building and debugging data extraction requests interactively or writing custom browser scripts, requires an Enterprise plan.

To find out more about our Zyte API Enterprise plan, please talk to us.

Payment methods#

You can pay using a credit card or a PayPal account.