Migrating from Smart Browser to Zyte API#

Smart Browser, also known as Smart Browser API or Zyte Data API, may look like the same product as Zyte API at a technical level. The HTTP API of both products is the same: same endpoint, same input parameters, same outputs.

However, there are some key differences that make it worth migrating to Zyte API.

Key differences#


Smart Browser

Zyte API

Pricing model

Fixed with overages

Based on resource use

Zyte dashboard tools


Web client, history, IDE

Pricing model#

The pricing model of Smart Browser is based on different plans, each with a fixed monthly cost that includes a certain number of requests. Requests over that number are allowed at a premium cost.

In Zyte API every request has its own cost based on actual resource usage. It makes calculating costs slightly more involved, but it allows us to make every request cost-efficient: the fewer resources we need to provide you with a response, the less you pay.

Instead of having a fixed monthly price, in Zyte API you have a monthly commitment and a spending limit, with automatic volume discount applied based on them. Request cost does not increase when you go above your monthly commitment. And you cannot go over your spending limit, but you are free to increase your spending limit at any time.

Zyte dashboard tools#

Zyte API comes with a few extra tools in the Zyte dashboard:

  • The Run Request page allows you to send Zyte API requests directly from the Zyte dashboard.

  • The Usage Stats page keeps track of your request history.

  • The Zyte IDE provides advanced development tools.


To migrate from Smart Browser to Zyte API, please open a support ticket.

Having a Zyte API subscription in a Zyte dashboard organization that has or had a Smart Browser subscription is not possible for technical reasons. Because of that, our support team will create a new Zyte dashboard organization for you, and add a Zyte API subscription to that new organization.

You will get a new API key, specific to your new Zyte API subscription, that you can start using right away, replacing your Smart Browser API key. No other code changes are necessary, Smart Browser and Zyte API have an identical HTTP API.

Once you have verified that your code works as before with your new Zyte API key, you can remove your Smart Browser subscription from your original organization.

We do not automatically remove your Smart Browser subscription or your other Zyte dashboard organization as part of the migration process. You can remove your Smart Browser subscription yourself at your own time from the Zyte dashboard. You can also remove your other Zyte dashboard organization yourself, or you can keep it.