Zyte API Request Summary page#


The Zyte API Request Summary page shows information about a Zyte API request sent within the last 2 weeks, and lets you send a new request with the same or a different URL.

It shows request URL, extraction features, request ID, start time, website response status code, API response status code, redirect URL, raw response or browser HTML, screenshot (if requested), duration, and cost breakdown.

Open the Request Summary page#

To open the Request Summary page, open the Usage Stats page, select the Table tab, and select the request ID of a request under the Request ID column.

The Request Summary page also opens after you send a request from the Run Request page or from the Request Summary page itself.

Cost breakdown#

The right-hand side column shows how much 1, 1k, 100k, or 1M identical requests would cost, and indicates which extraction features affect that cost and how much. See Calculating costs.

../../../_images/request-summary-1.png ../../../_images/request-summary-1k.png ../../../_images/request-summary-100k.png ../../../_images/request-summary-1M.png

Redirect URL#

The redirect URL of a request is the final URL of the response, which may not match the original request URL. It is the value of the url API response field.

The redirect URL may change as a result of URL redirection, which Zyte API follows, or due to browser actions that trigger URL changes.