Zyte API Request Summary page#

The Zyte API Request Summary page shows information about a Zyte API request previously sent, and lets you send a new request with the same or different parameters.

It shows the request URL, parameters, request ID, response time, website response status code, requested outputs (HTTP response body, browser HTML, screenshot), and cost breakdown.

Open the Request Summary page#

To open the Request Summary page, open the Usage Stats page and, under the Table tab, select a request ID.

The Request Summary page also opens after you send a request from the Run Request page or from the Request Summary page itself.

Cost breakdown#

The right-hand side column shows the total request cost and a breakdown of how the different cost factors impacted the total cost, as well as the volume discount that was applied. See Calculating costs.

../../../_images/request-summary-cost-http.png ../../../_images/request-summary-cost-browser.png