Send Zyte API extract requests from the Zyte dashboard#

To send a Zyte API extract request from the Zyte dashboard:

  1. Open the Run Request page.

  2. Enter your target URL under Test URL → Enter A URL, and select Request.

A Zyte API extract request is sent for the target URL, asking for the HTTP response body output.

When your request finishes, the Request Summary page opens with the output of your request and additional information.

From the Request Summary page you can start a new request with further control over the requested output:

  • You can enable or disable the httpResponseBody, browserHtml, and screenshot outputs.


    You cannot combine httpResponseBody with the other outputs.

  • If you select browser automation outputs, you can also enable the scrollBottom action, which scrolls to the bottom of the target webpage until all content is loaded, and only then it returns the requested outputs.


    To see the effects of the scrollBottom action, target an infinite-scrolling webpage, like, where scrollBottom gets you all 100 quotes instead of only 10.

You can edit the URL and toggle any option, and select Request to start a new request with the selected parameters.

When your new request finishes, the Request Summary page refreshes with information about your new request.

You can access your recent request history from the Usage Stats page.