Downloading from Scrapy Cloud#

After you run a job on Scrapy Cloud, you can download your scraped data from Scrapy Cloud, be it from the Zyte dashboard, from a URL, or from the API.

Downloading from the Zyte dashboard#

To download your job data from the Zyte dashboard:

  1. Open the details page of your job (<job ID>).

  2. Open the Items tab (<job ID>/items).

  3. On the right-hand side, select Download → <format>.

    <format> can be one of: CSV, JSON, JSON Lines, XML.

Download from a URL#

Download links from the Zyte dashboard are transparent. Given a job ID and your API key, you can build one manually, for example to automate downloads.

For JSON, JSON Lines and XML, download URLs follow this pattern:<job ID>?apikey=<API key>&format=<format>


  • <job ID> is the job ID, e.g. 00000/0/0.

  • <API key> is your Zyte dashboard API key.

  • <format> is the output file format, one of: json, jl (JSON Lines), xml.

For CSV, the download URL is similar, but you:

  • Must specify a comma-separated list of fields to export as well, in the fields query string parameter.

  • Can use the include_headers query string parameter to indicate whether you want the file names in the first row (1) or not (0, default).

For example:<job ID>?apikey=<API key>&format=csv&fields=key,name,price,url&include_headers=1

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