Zyte API is replacing Smart Proxy Manager. See Migrating from Smart Proxy Manager to Zyte API.


Smart Proxy Manager Residential allows you to send requests using residential IPs, as opposed to the datacenter IPs used by default in Smart Proxy Manager.

To use it, contact our support team or your account manager. Once Smart Proxy Manager Residential is enabled for your account, you will have a separate Smart Proxy Manager user to use for residential requests. This user should only be used for residential requests, as its usage will incur extra charges.

Differences with Smart Proxy Manager Datacenter#


There’re some residential proxies that choose not to reveal the source origin (proxy) IP address via httpbin.org/get. You may see the IP address in the response body as result of that.

There are a few important differences between Residential and Datacenter (the standard Smart Proxy Manager behavior).

  • pricing is per bandwidth (GB transferred) instead of successful requests

  • when using the API, Smart Proxy Manager Residential supports additional headers: X-Crawlera-Region, X-Crawlera-State, X-Crawlera-City which can be used to select the region (country), state (US only) and city of the request on the fly, as opposed to having it predefined on the Smart Proxy Manager user (as is the case with Smart Proxy Manager Datacenter). Examples:

    curl -vkx proxy.zyte.com:8011 -U <API key>: https://httpbin.org/get -H X-Crawlera-Region:DE
    curl -vkx proxy.zyte.com:8011 -U <API key>: https://httpbin.org/get -H X-Crawlera-Region:US -H X-Crawlera-State:CALIFORNIA
    curl -vkx proxy.zyte.com:8011 -U <API key>: https://httpbin.org/get -H X-Crawlera-Region:US -H X-Crawlera-City:NEW_YORK
    curl -vkx proxy.zyte.com:8011 -U <API key>: https://httpbin.org/get -H X-Crawlera-Region:JP -H X-Crawlera-City:TOKYO
  • there is no automatic retries by default when using Smart Proxy Manager Residential, but you can enable them through the X-Crawlera-Max-Retries header. This is to prevent customers from incurring into unexpected costs, as residential is charged per GB of bandwidth, not successful requests.

  • no internal cookie tracking performed by Smart Proxy Manager. All cookies are passed as is. X-Crawlera-Cookies header is not applicable.