Using Smart Proxy Manager with R#


zyte-smartproxy-ca.crt should be installed in your OS for the below code to work. You can follow these instructions in order to install it.


All the code in this documentation has been tested with R 4.1.2.

  1. Install R and follow Fetching HTTPS pages with Zyte Smart Proxy Manager to request URLs with https.

  2. Run R on the terminal using R command.

  3. Install httr library by running install.packages("httr") inside R prompt. If there’s an error saying Library not loaded: /opt/X11/lib/libSM.6.dylib run system("locate libSM.6.dylib").

  4. Load httr library by running library(httr) inside R prompt.

  5. Run the sample code mentioned below inside R prompt after replacing <SPM-APIKEY> with Zyte Smart Proxy Manager API Key.

GET("", use_proxy(url = "", port = 8011, username = "<SPM-APIKEY>", password = ""))