Zyte API pricing#

You get free credit on sign-up to try Zyte API.

The cost of a Zyte API request depends on the target website and selected features. You can use our cost estimator to calculate costs.

We charge only for successful responses, and we provide volume discount.

Initial free credit#

On sign up you get $5 free credit to spend during your first billing month.

After your free credit runs out or expires, you do not pay anything. Instead, your account is suspended until you set a spending limit. To ensure uninterrupted service, set a spending limit before your account is suspended.

Request costs#

Each combination of target website and request type (HTTP, browser, or extraction) has its own price.

On top of that:

Use our cost estimator to calculate costs and a volume discount for your use case.

Successful responses#

You are only charged for successful Zyte API responses. You are not charged for rate-limiting or unsuccessful Zyte API responses.

Spending limit#

Your spending limit is how much you can be charged for Zyte API usage during a billing month. It determines your volume discount and, when over $25, your prepay amount. Once reached, your account is suspended until your next billing month unless you increase your spending limit.

You can manage your spending limit from the Billing page on the Zyte dashboard.

Changing your spending limit does not change the start date of your billing month, which is based on your sign-up date (i.e. when your free trial started).

Increasing your spending limit has an immediate effect, lifting any account suspension. For limits over $25, your prepay amount changes and you pay the difference. If you were on your initial free credit, you get a matching discount. To increase your spending limit beyond $2000, please contact support.


When increasing your spending limit, specially towards the end of your current billing month, consider whether or not you will be able to fully utilize your new spending limit before your current billing month ends.

You will be charged your prepay amount increase immediately, and regardless of your utilization of your new spending limit during your current billing month, you will also pay your new prepay amount as soon as your next billing month starts.

Decreasing your spending limit has an effect starting on your next billing month.

Prepay amount#

If your spending limit is over $25, you prepay half at the beginning of the billing month. If you spend more, you pay the difference on the next month. For example, for a $60 spending limit, you prepay $30. If you spend $40, you pay $10 more the next month. If you spend $20, you pay nothing more the next month, but you do not get $10 back either.

Volume discount#

Based on your spending limit, we automatically grant you a discount on every Zyte API request: your Zyte API volume discount. The higher your spending limit, the higher your volume discount.