Zyte API is replacing Smart Proxy Manager. See Migrating from Smart Proxy Manager to Zyte API.

What is Smart Proxy Manager#

Zyte Smart Proxy Manager (formerly Crawlera) enables scalable web scraping by routing your requests through a pool of IP addresses. Smart Proxy introduces delays and discards IPs wherever necessary to evade anti-crawling measures and maximize success rate.

A standard proxy API is used to access Smart Proxy Manager that is controlled using special HTTP headers prefixed by X-Crawlera like in X-Crawlera-Cookies: disable.

To use Smart Proxy Manager in your own projects you can take a look at the different programming language examples in the Smart Proxy Manager Integrations section.

See Smart Proxy Manager API for a detailed description of the Smart Proxy Manager API.

Smart Proxy Manager plans#

Smart Proxy Manager has 4 plans with different features available on each plan.

  • Starter

  • Basic

  • Advanced

  • Enterprise

Most of the features described in the documentation are available in all plans. The documentation is explicit when a specific feature is reserved only for some specific plans.

The “C plans” known as C10, C50, C100, and C200 have been discontinued at the beginning of 2020 and replaced by the Starter, Basic and Advanced plans.

Check out Smart Proxy Manager Account & Billing for more details.