Zyte API is replacing Smart Proxy Manager. See Migrating from Smart Proxy Manager to Zyte API.

How to fix concurrency issues?#

Smart Proxy Manager standard plans (Stater, Basic, Advanced) are limited by concurrency. This means the code you use to retrieve web pages through Smart Proxy Manaager cannot execute more than a certain number of requests in parallel.

If you exceed this concurrency limit, you will start receiving errors with code 429. For more details on this error and other Smart Proxy Manager errors see Errors Reference.

To fix these concurrency errors you need to reduce the number of requests you run in parallel from the code you use to access Smart Proxy Manager. How this is done depends on the language and business logic of your scraping code.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to a larger plan with more concurrency or to an Enterprise plan which doesn’t have concurrency limits.