Scrapy Cloud units#

Jobs run on Scrapy Cloud units.

To run a job:

  1. You assign between 1 and 6 units to your job.

  2. Your job remains in the queue of pending jobs until the selected number of units are available.

  3. When your job starts, the selected number of units are allocated to your job for the duration of the job.

  4. When the job finishes, the job units are released, ready to be used by another job.

You can only run as many parallel jobs as units you have. If you have 1 unit, you can only run 1 job at a time. If you have 2 units, you can run 2 jobs in parallel, each job using 1 unit.

Every unit assigned to a job gives that job 1 computing unit, 1 GB of memory, and 2.5 GB of disk. A job running with 2 units has twice the compute power, memory and disk space as a job running with 1 unit.