Restricting Zyte Smart Proxy Manager IPs to a specific region#

Zyte Smart Proxy Manager (formerly Crawlera) can be restricted to use proxies of a particular region in the following ways:

Selecting a region with region-specific API keys#

1. Make sure that you have a Smart Proxy Manager account. Check out Subscribing to Smart Proxy Manager if you don’t have one yet.

2. Now, go to your Zyte Smart Proxy Manager Dashboard in Zyte, and click the “Create Account” button:

3. Next, under the “Create New Smart Proxy Manager Account”, select the regions from where you want to use the IPs, and create a new account.

  1. Finally, find the API key for this new user in your project’s Smart Proxy Manager “Setup” page.


Creating region-specific extra accounts doesn’t entail additional charges.

Selecting a region with the header#

Add X-Crawlera-Region to request headers, with a country code in ISO format as the header’s value. For instance, to select a French IP, use it as X-Crawlera-Region: FR (or in lowercase, X-Crawlera-Region: fr).


This header is not available on legacy Crawlera plans (C10, C50, etc.)