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Get started guides#

Get Started with Smart Proxy Manager

Get started with Automatic Extraction

Get started with Scrapy Cloud

Get started with Zyte API


Smart Proxy Manager integrations

Automatic Extraction integrations

Zyte API integrations

Smart Proxy Manager#

Proxy API

API to make the most out of Smart Proxy Manager


Use the same IP across multiple requests

Errors Reference

Errors and their meaning


Residential addon

Stats API

HTTP API to access Smart Proxy Manager usage data

Fetch API

Fetch API to download pages with server-side browser execution

Automatic Extraction#

Automatic Extraction API

HTTP API to automatically extract structured data from web pages

Zyte API#

Zyte API

Anti-ban solution with optional browser rendering features.

Scrapy Cloud#


HTTP API to interact with spiders, jobs, and other Scrapy Cloud resources

Entry Point API

Write custom Docker images that are compatible with Scrapy Cloud

Unified Schema#


Our proposal for standard schemas for commonly extracted types of data


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